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Short on time, but need to check balances, account history or transfer funds? Text banking is quick, easy and a convenient way to stay up-to-date on your accounts.

  • Free unlimited text banking*
  • Text short codes to receive account information**
  • No usernames or security codes
  • Fast answers via text help you make smart decisions
  • Enable text banking in online banking

Text Commands

  • Text BAL or BAL (account nickname) for account balances
  • Text HIST or HIST (account nickname) for latest account history
  • Text XFER (from account nickname) (to account nickname) (amount) to transfer funds between accounts
  • Text HELP to receive a link to this web page for information
  • Text STOP to stop all text messages for text banking and mobile alerts/notifications

Text Banking Setup

Step 1: Enroll

  • Log in to online banking
  • Click Text Banking option in the left side menu
  • Toggle the switch to yes
  • Enter the phone number you would like to use to receive/send text messages
  • Agree to terms and click save

Step 2: Enable/Configure Accounts

  • Go to More Options > Account Display
  • Click on the account you'd like text banking turned on for
  • Account information will expand; then click on the SMS/Text tab
  • Select the On/Off to customize access for each Share account

Step 3: Perform Transactions

  • To perform transactions, submit a text command to 226563 (which is BANKME)
  • To check your balances, text BAL or BAL (display name)
    • Example: BAL SAV will display the current balance of your savings account
    • Example: BAL will display the current balance on all accounts which have been enabled
  • To show your account history, text HIST (Display Name)
    • Example: HIST SAV will display the 10 most recent transactions from your savings account
  • To transfer funds between accounts, text XFER (Display Name from) (Display name to) (Amount)
    • Example: XFER SAV CHK 1.00 will transfer $1.00 from your savings account to your checking account
  • Text HELP to receive more information about text banking
  • Text STOP to discontinue all text banking messages

* Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier. ** Some carriers may require permission to enable the mobile account for short code (SMS) messages.